Paperex 2023World of Paper 2023Corrugex 2023
International Exhibition On Tissue Products,
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6 - 9 December 2023, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi- NCR, India

New Launches

Tamilnadu Newsprint And Papers Limited | Stand No - N44 | Hall No - 15

TNPL SPECTRUM – Multipurpose paper- Available in 70/75/80 GSM in attractive packaging
TNPL IVORY BOARD - for cultural applications like Tags/Cards etc.
TNPL SNOW WHYTE - for fine Printing applications like Greeting Cards and Book Covers
AURA BRILLIANT PLUS - A bluish white tinted coated board with high bulk and excellent stiffness for premium packaging applications

Unique Dosing systems Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No - N72 | Hall No - 15

A good life pump for special designed for paper industry.


JMF Synthetics India Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No - L23 | Hall No - 12

We are pleased to introduce 4th generation polystron - internal dry strengthening agents based on unique poly-acrylamide based technology for kraft paper that improves the quality of the finished paper in all respects such as BS, RCT, Freeness etc. at lower dosage.

Kuubera Motions Controls Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No - K35A | Hall No - 12

New Technology: Defect scanning system for Web Inspetion

Paper defects mean that there are some defects in the paper such as spots, hole, emboss, and fold during the paper production, which mainly results from the limitation of technological level. In the past time, artificial visual inspection and off-line checking were often used to detect the paper defects. However, its shortcoming was highlighted along with the improvement of industrial technology level and increasing demand for paper.

             In order to realize the online detection and markers for paper defects, we design the on-line detection system based on line-scan digital camera. The system has advantages of low cost, high efficiency.

Key Product Features:

  • Intelligent 4K pixels line scan Camera.
  • The fastest industrial camera in the market.
  • Fully controlled & powerful LED lighting system.
  • Real-time defect analysis.
  • Defect reports and data logging.
  • Interfacing with Reject gate system in case of Sheeter.

P K Marketing Co | Stand No - M27 | Hall No -  14

Happy to announce launch of Virgin Extensible Sack kraft

Florogum Industries LLP | Stand No - J71 | Hall No - 11

  • Food-o-wrap(best way to wrap) - Food wrapping paper, usp-biodegradable, usage- keeps the food healthy and fresh.
  • Color scrapbooks- multicolor scrap book ,usp-fragrance, bright colors, usage: fun & creative crafting, diy scrapbook.
  • Barrier coated paper- water based, plastic free, with oil & grease resistant, fda compliant paper.

Boston Polymers | Stand No - J13 | Hall No - 11

  • New product to pack paper reels with cost effective solution
  • Product, which will market users brandname

Zenith Rubber Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No - F02 | Hall No - 10

Zenith-Composite Coverings

Zenith Launches Nanotek & Nanorok Compoisite Compound. Composite calender covers are made of modern fiber reinforced compound. Special fillers ensure the optimal hardness, robustness and surface smoothness.

Advantages are depending on the existing situation and previously used roll covers:

  • Improvement of paper quality
  • Avoiding of paper blackening and paper mottling
  • Higher bulk of paper
  • Lifetime of cover
  • Marking resistance
  • Allowing higher speed and load on machine
  • Less downtime of machine
  • Allows continues doctoring

Nanotek and Nanorok have been designed for soft calendar presses and hard presses, respectively. With features like resistance to wear and chemicals, their use increases the life-span of the calendars along with a number of other benefits for its users.

  1. Nanotek has the ability to withstand exacting working conditions for the soft calendar presses including – soft calendar, super calendar, multi-nip calendar, and mat on line calendar. Thus, it makes for a great choice of composite covers. Since the raw material used and the method of manufacturing results in an exceptional quality of finishing, there are no differences in surface texture or in processing paper. Due to low level of porosity of Nanotek, achieving excellent surface finishing is albeit easier. Moreover, the cover has excellent wear resistance ensuring the durability of the calendar.   
     Nanotek is recommended in the following positions.
    • Soft Calender 
    • Multinip Calender
    • Mat-On-Line Calender
    • Super Calender
  2. Nanorok is a composite cover for hard presses, which can also operate effectively in the most demanding operative conditions. It is recommended for a range of presses, including – hard press (wet environment), central press, hard-size press, and shoot press. The raw materials used as well as the efficiency in manufacturing enables the user to get a very good finish in their products. With this cover, all types of blades can be used while the life span is also increased and the good condition of the surface roughness and the press is maintained. Moreover, Nanorok is resistant to a number of chemicals which are commonly used in the pulp, paper, and paperboard industry, including – alcohol, acetone, acid chemicals, etc. It is also resistant to short exposures of oil and diluted caustic solutions. Endowed with the ability to improve resistance to abrasion, it can significantly increase the lifetime of the presses.
     Nanotek is recommended in the following positions.
    • Hard Press (wet environment
    • Shoot Press
    • Central Press                                                    
    • Hard-Size Press

Ambica Plastics | Stand No - H02 | Hall No - 11

  • Uhmwpe ap -  ceramex (oster white)
  • Uhmwpe ap - 2000 g (light green

Enviropol Engineers Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No - J67 | Hall No - 12

ENVIROPOL is Introducing EGB for paper and pulp industry to achieve emissions level as per CPCB.

Belluga Technologies Private Limited | Stand No - S45 | Hall No - 15

Introducing our range of Disposable Tableware which includes Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Food Containers and more. Exclusively for International clients.

Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited | Stand No - P12 | Hall No - 14

Launched multilayer products viz. Moments (For wedding cards); Prime (For Paper cups); Carton Board / Kraft Liner Board (For corrugating applications); Tag Board (For Garment Tags)

Also Launched MF Baseboard (For Paper cups) and MF Kraft (For Paper pouches and Paper bags) in single layer

Garuda Pumps Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No - E24 | Hall No - 10


Garuda, fibrescope technology by certified engineers to measure, check and evaluate pump performances / wear & tear without dismantling the pump

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