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International Exhibition On Tissue Products, Machinery & Technologies
6 - 9 December 2021, New Delhi, India

Exhibition Overview

Tissue Paper Market Potential in India
The tissue paper industry is emerging as a new sub segment within the specialty
paper market. It is at a very nascent stage but is expected to grow quickly with the
population's increasing affluence, education, and higher and more disposable
income levels in India. The tissue paper industry high growth potential has
propelled its migration from small scale Industry to a fully grown organised industry
sector in India. Some of the big companies in the paper industry are moving into the
tissue paper production in India.

Revenue in the Global Tissue & Hygiene Paper market will amount to
US$1287m in 2019. The market is expected to grow by 11.9% (CAGR 2019-
2021)annually. The market's largest segment is the Toilet Paper segment with a
market volume of US$414m in 2019. At present in India, the per capita consumption
of tissue paper is low at 123 grams compared to other countries.

Asia Pacific region is projected to retain its dominance over the forecast period
(2018–2025), owing to increasing demand for tissue products from economies such
as China and India. This is attributed to increasing manufacturing capacity of tissue
products by various market players in this region.

About Tissueex
To meet the future demand of Tissue Paper in India, the industry needs Raw Material,
Advanced Technology, Latest Machinery and a Unified Business Platform to
connect with global market. Against this backdrop over the years TISSUEEX &
PAPEREX events have become said trusted Business Platform in India.
Tissueex aims to be the International business platform on tissue paper and the allied
industry. This business event will cover the entire spectrum of products and services
for this industry. It is co-located with Paperex.
Tissueex will attract key tissue industry professionals, tissue makers, converters and
suppliers offering a unique opportunity for companies to stay ahead of the
competition and meet face to face to discuss the needs for their current and
upcoming projects.